1st dog training session with Alex from 5 Star Dog Academy | Posh Media

It was an eye-opening experience, and we learned some key techniques to communicate with your pooch!

I just had my first private dog training session with Alex from 5 Star Dog Academy. The whole experience was so much fun and I learned a lot! We started out by talking about what our goals are for our future sessions, then we talked about the different commands to teach your dogs. Next, he taught me how to use treats and positive reinforcement as rewards when teaching them commands. It all takes lots of practice! He also goes over the different ways you can train your dog depending on their personality type. That way they can be happy and successful during their training process too! After that, it was time to put into practice what I learned in the previous activities which is where things got really interesting. He taught me and my dog, Mishka the Tiny, and my daughter’s dog named Underdog some key phrases and activities. Both dogs did so well. Mishka overcame some of her anxiety, and Underdog was very responsive with his exercises to curb his jumping.

Alex was very patient with my dog, who can be quite stubborn at times. He took the time to teach me how to properly train her and gave me a lot of great information. I would recommend him for anyone who has a new puppy or an older dog that needs some training! If you are in the Las Vegas area you can find him here: https://www.5stardogacademy.com/


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