The Best Water Bottles For Your Dog | Posh Media by Jessamyn Dodd

Convenient water bottles make it simple to stay hydrated on the go with your pet. Check out these top five picks for dog and cat owners.

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. So why not offer your pup the same advice? They need plenty of H2O, too! And if you’re always on the go, a pet-friendly water bottle can be a lifesaver. But which one is best for your dog? This blog post will help you find out what kind of water bottles are available for pets – from stainless steel to plastic.

  1. Spleash Your Leash: This is a convenient dog water bottle that attaches right to your dog’s leash. It holds 12 ounces of water. The dish folds down and it has a button you press to release the water into the bowl. It also doubles as a spray bottle!
  2. Kong H2O K9 Unit Insulated Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle & Travel Bowl. Available on Chewy, the Kong stainless steel bottle is environmentally friendly, safer than plastic, and extremely durable. It holds 25 ounces of water.
  3. Springer (formerly Highwave ) offers sizes in mini, classic, and growler. This bottle has a bowl attached at the top. When you squeeze the bottle, the cup fills allowing your dog to drink, and when you release the bottle the water drains back into the bottle. comes with a clip for your backpack, leash, belt etc. This is an amazing one for the car because the water doesn’t spill everywhere.
  4. Collapsible dog bowls. These are available at almost all pet stores and 99 cents stores. It is a simple and convenient way to make sure your dog stays hydrated. You just unfold, and fill up.
  5. Petkit Eversweet Pet Bottle available at Target. The top of the bottle doubles as a bowl.Turn the button to the left and keep pressing the button with one hand, and the water will flow into the bowl.

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