What kind of pet carrier do I need?

There are many different types of carriers available, but how will you choose the right one for your pet and lifestyle? These tips can help!

What kind of pet carrier do I need? There are many different types of carriers available on the market and it can be overwhelming to find the right one. To make your search simpler, I’ve created a list of five popular options for dog owners below.

1) Backpack style carriers: These have an ergonomic design that is comfortable for both you and your pet because they put less pressure on your back and shoulders. They also allow you to control how much space your pup has by adjusting the straps to fit him or her snugly so he/she does not slip out – perfect for more nervous dogs! Ibiyaya and Veehoo Pets sent me their versions to test out. The Ibiyaya is airline approved and the Veehoo Pets is suitable for hiking or walking.

2) Convertible car seat-style carriers: This type of pet carrier straps into your car and adds extra protection for your furry friend when in the car. These carriers come in all shapes and sizes with prices ranging from $75-$200+. One that I found is the 5-in-1 by Ibiyaya available on Amazon https://amzn.to/3D49S3G

3) If you plan on traveling with your pet, consider whether or not they will need an airline approved travel kennel or if they can be placed inside a hard-sided one like those used in cars. No matter which type of animal you own the airline requires your pet be contained. I really like the carriers on wheels. Whether walking through the airport or exploring cities it is a good way to take the stress off of your back and shoulders, and give your pet a break from walking at the same time. A company called A Pet With Paws makes a chic and stylish option.

4) Soft sided carriers: If you are looking for a pet carrier that is soft and simple, look no further! Soft-sided carriers are the perfect way to transport your dog or cat with minimal hassle. They come in different colors and sizes, so they will fit any need that you have. The best part about these carriers is that they can be used as a seatbelt extender when flying! A great soft sided carrier to check out is Mr. Peanuts. They have a wide variety of styles and they are great for vet trips or travel and are very lightweight.https://amzn.to/3giWGya

5) Hard sided carriers: If your animal is crate trained this is a great option. It is the safest option as well, although not very practical. The hard sided carriers are best for vet trips for small animals, for car rides, and if you are travelling by airline and your animal will not be riding in the cabin with you. These are reasonably priced and can be found at most pet stores.

By Jessamyn Dodd

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