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With digital technology improving every aspect of consumer life, it is no surprise that pets and their parents are more connected than ever. The world of personal technology is continually changing and the pet industry is hard at work to keep up with the progress. Pet technology is making pet care more feasible and more futuristic than ever – from pet cameras and automatic feeders to GPS trackers.

Whether your pet is a hiker or an escape artist, a high-tech pet tracker or collar is the perfect accessory. There are several different types, and the best pet tracker for you depends on the habits of your furry friends and the features that get the most out of you. If you want to wear a bracelet or health tracker, you can buy a smart collar for your cat or puppy.

There are a lot of intelligent devices on the market to help you become a more efficient and good pet owner, whether you want to entertain, monitor or feed your pet. Pet technology is a technology developed for the safety of your pet using unique devices that attach a collar to your pet so you can track every movement of your pet. Devices such as the Whistle Go Health and Location Tracker for Pets provide real-time GPS tracking 24 / 7 and notify you by connected apps, text messages and emails if your pet is managed outside the designated safety zone.

From smart collars to dosing cams, I have found some of the  best high-tech pet products out there. There are a lot of smart devices on the market that can help you become an efficient and good pet owner by utilizing  technology that allows you to keep your pet healthy and happy even when you’re not home. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest pet tech out there!

GPS tracking devices and collars are among the most popular high-tech products on the market. A lost pet is every pet parent’s worst nightmare, and tracking devices can be a literal lifesaver of our time.

Pet technology on the consumer side includes mobile pet apps, pet e-commerce, pet gadgets and online pet services. On the corporate side, Pet tech includes software platforms for pets, technology, hardware and veterinary equipment. Both the consumer and business sides of pet technology use data to inform pet owners and veterinarians about what is happening to their pets.

According to new research in an upcoming report titled U.S. Pet Market Outlook 2019-2020: Packaged Facts, in 2018 Pet tech products generated sales of $565 million. Demand is expected to increase in the coming years as intelligent pet technology and innovative features provide additional safety and comfort.

Another area where pet technology has evolved significantly is convenience. Technology has made everything simpler than in previous decades, and it has made animal care practices more efficient.

In recent years, along with growing IoT, the pet tech industry has harnessed curiosity to put an end to it with innovative pet tech solutions that soothe your nerves and improve the lives of pets. In this article, we will discuss the most important trends in the development of pet technology solutions, introduce some of the most successful projects in the industry and provide insights into their success. For more information on the latest pet product trends, read Durable Dog and Cat Petcare Products 2nd Edition by Packaged Facts, a leading market research firm known for its expertise in the pet industry.

The company published a study of the $4.9 billion market for durable pet and cat grooming products ranging from toys, collars, leashes, bed racks, bowls, food, clothing, fashion, cat litter trays and smart pet products. Smart pet products a small part of the long-lived pet market with annual sales of $565 million in 2018, but have grown 11% since 2017. As more and more pet parents turn to technology to improve their bond with their pets, the Smart Pet product segment faces rapid growth in the future.

The CleverPet Dog Game Console  The CleverPet Hub is an intelligent pet toy with treats and delivery games for dogs and cats.

WoPet is  high-tech pet products that provide a camera to check into your dog. They also provide mutual communication so you can send any message to your dog. The device lets you give your dog treats at the touch of a button or play with laser beams in the house to keep your puppy happy. If your dog feels lonely at home, you will be glad to know that he is not crying at the door and waiting for you to come home to feed him.

If you are a first-time pet owner or bring a new cat or dog, it can be difficult to purchase pet technology in large quantities as it can quickly add to the bill if you add it to all the other essentials you need for your first pet, such as bowls, food, boxes and beds. Taking care of a pet is hard, demanding work, and living with things in your care can be stressful enough for even the calmest and most organized of people. Knowing that the life of your pet can be improved with most products is the reason why it is important to know what your pet is.

By Jessamyn Dodd

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