Pet Friendly Vegas

Pet Friendly Las Vegas

By Jessamyn Dodd

 The best restaurants to eat at, bars to drink and stay while in town with your dog! This is a comprehensive list of pet friendly places in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is famous for its nightlife, gambling and entertainment. But did you know that it’s also a pet friendly destination? Las Vegas hotels are happy to welcome your four-legged friend with open arms. Many of the casinos on the Strip allow pets so they can enjoy all of the excitement too! You’ll find everything from luxury suites to budget accommodations, as well as restaurants and shops where everyone will be welcomed in style. So pack up and bring Fido along for an unforgettable trip – just make sure he wears his doggy shoes!At The Excalibur

I recently travelled to Las Vegas for two days and two nights. I was really happy to find a big selection of pet friendly hotels on and off The Strip. For this stay I chose The Excalibur because I got a good deal on Groupon. Here are a few things to know before checking in at this hotel.

1. There is a $50 a night “pet fee” in addition to the resort fees and hotel room price.

2. You can not leave your dog alone in the room at any time. So if you plan on using the pool or going to a show, someone has to stay behind with the dog. Some hotels allow you to leave your dog in a crate if you plan on going somewhere that does not allow dogs. 

3. They do not offer dog walking service, nor do they provide pet beds or bowls, so you need to bring your own.

4. They have a puppy potty yard outside the resort tower with clean up bags. 

If you are looking for higher rated hotel try one of these pet friendly accommodations. I suggest checking as all of these hotels have resort fees and pet fees which can range up to $150 per night.

1. The Mirage (dogs up to 40 pounds)Mishka The Tiny and I at The Mirage 2021

2. The Four seasons Hotel (dogs up to 25 pounds)

3.Bellagio (dogs up to 40 pounds)

4.Caesar’s Palace (dogs up to 50 pounds)

Our first night we drove about 25 minutes north to a restaurant called “Big Dog’s Brewing Company”. The patio is pet friendly. The staff is great and it has a fun atmosphere.Mishka The Tiny at Big Dog’s brewing Company

Here are some other pet friendly restaurants that I cant wait to try:

Lazy Dog Restaurant And Bar

Egg Works


Sunrise Coffee

If you are visiting in the summer I highly suggest protective wear for your dog’s feet, or a dog stroller. The pavement gets extremely hot. Pawz Dog Boots, Sanitizing Spray and Paw Protector

Mishka The Tiny at Big Dog”s Brewing Company

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